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The pandemic majorly disrupted how and where IT workers functioned. While some employees worked from office, most of them started working from remote locations. To support the hybrid workforce model, a lot of changes had to be done on the IT front. However, it was not an easy task for the IT team since the changes were involved at the access, edge, and infrastructure levels. Moreover, these changes were done ad hoc without thinking about the long term impact on performance and security. In this webinar, let's discuss the four R's needed to undo the existing complexities, and prepare a solid and secure IT to meet the future demands of the hybrid workforce.

  • Recover from the impact left by Covid on the IT workforce's productivity, connectivity, and security.
  • Replace band-aid solutions used during early stages of remote work, with sustainable solutions.
  • Remodel existing IT strategies by adopting Gartner's 'Anywhere Operations' approach.
  • Recognize areas that require digitization and cloud migration, to stay ahead of your traditional counter-parts.

What's in it for you?

  • Learning the evolution of hybrid IT workforce and the challenges it brings
  • Improving overall collaboration and connectivity to improve workforce productivity
  • Finding and resolving VPN, bandwidth, and configurations issues
  • Detecting applications at risks and uncovering vulnerabilities in the early stages
  • Securing your IT by monitoring firewalls and by adhering to compliance protocols
  • Minimizing migration risks in cloud adoption to keep up with the pace of digitization
  • Embracing new technologies such as SD-WAN, Zero Trust etc. for meeting long

Featured Speaker

Luis Pedroche Montes

Business Development Manager, IREO

Luis Pedroche Montes is a Business Development Manager for ManageEngine at IREO, with extensive experience in technology consulting for IT Service Management, Identity and Access Management (IAM), EndPoint Management (EMS), Infrastructure Monitoring of Networks, Servers and Applications (ITOM), as well as Business Intelligence. He usually assists resellers by explaining ManageEngine portfolio, introducing products, helping with cross-selling possibilities, etc. Also, he has done webinars about IT topics in some Spanish IT events like ASLAN or Mundo Hacker.

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