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Struggling to track user certificates? Key Manager Plus provides one-click solution

Client certificate mapping over conventional authentication

Windows Active Directory environment provides two ways to administer user accounts - conventional user ID/password authentication and a more secure way of authenticating users through a digital certificate. The conventional user ID/password authentication model works fine in highly secure corporate environments. On the contrary, in potentially vulnerable environments susceptible to brute-force attacks and identity thefts, digital certificate mapping proves to be highly secure. Here, a digital certificate is mapped with every user account in the Active Directory, through which the user is authenticated by the server application.

Issues with management

However, the process does not end with the user certificates being mapped to the respective accounts. These mapped certificates should be continuously monitored and tracked for expiry, and failing to do so will lure you into a sense of false security. With scores of accounts in use, it's daunting to gather certificates deployed for each and every user account. Administrators are on the look out for an effective solution that can track and manage certificates mapped to user accounts in the Active Directory.

Key Manager Plus comes in handy

ManageEngine Key Manager Plus automates the entire process of consolidating, tracking and managing the user certificates. It discovers all the user certificates from Active Directory, consolidates them in the centralized repository, and constantly tracks them for expiry and thereby provides the much needed visibility on your user certificates. Try Key Manager Plus now!

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