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Computer Configurations

This document comprises of the configurations that can applied to computers belonging to Windows domain. These configurations are applied either during system startup or refresh interval. Ensure that you have defined the scope of management before defining the configurations.

Follow the steps mentioned below for choosing a configuration that needs to be created and deployed:

  1. Navigate to Configuration tab. This will list all the supported configurations for computers and users as well.
  2. Choose the required computer configuration.

Desktop Central supports the below mentioned configurations that cover the functionalities of 4 major categories extensively:

Security Configurations

Desktop Central MSP offers a bunch of configurations that when deployed, aids in hardening the security of your endpoints. The security configurations offered by Desktop Central MSP are as follows :

Productivity Configurations

Amp up the productivity of your network by deploying the following configurations to all the computers in your network.

Desktop Configurations

Deploy the below mentioned desktop configurations & save ample amount of time in managing the desktops.

Application Configurations