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Displaying Legal Notices


The important enterprise wide announcements, legal notice, etc., can be configured using the Legal Notice configuration. The configured message will be displayed whenever the user presses ctrl+alt+del to login.

Step 1: Name the Configuration

Provide a name and description for the Legal Notice Configuration.

Step 2: Define Configuration

Specify the following:

Parameter Description

Remove Already Defined Legal Notice

Select this option to clear the previous configurations, if any.

Window Title*

Specify the window title of the legal notice.


Specify the message that has to be displayed.

* - Click the icon to select and assign a dynamic variable to this parameter.

Step 3: Define Target

Using  the Defining Targets procedure, define the targets for deploying the Legal Notice Configuration.

Step 4: Deploy Configuration

Click the Deploy button to deploy the defined Legal Notice Configuration in the defined targets. The configured legal notice will be displayed during the next system startup.

To save the configuration as draft, click Save as Draft.