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User Configuration Templates

Restrict Network Connections

Network properties when changed by the user result in bad network connectivity and unnecessary help desk calls in resolving the problem. This could be avoided by restricting the users from changing the network properties.

This template, when applied to users, will prevent them from changing the network properties.

Restrict Control Panel Applets

To enhance the security, the administrators can restrict the users from accessing specific Control Panel applets. This includes, Add/remove programs, Add/remove hardware, Internet options, Power options and System applet.

Proxy configuration for Internet Explorer

This template can be used to configure proxy server settings in the Internet Explorer browser of the client machines.

Laptop Power Saver Scheme

Establishing correct power settings helps in saving energy costs substantially. This template provides the recommended power settings for Laptops.

IE Browser restrictions for clients

This template restricts users from changing the Internet Explorer settings like Connections, Content, Favorites, Programs, Security, Advanced, History and Save As options

Disable Control Panel

You can use this template to disable the Control Panel completely. When applied to users, the users will not be able to access the Control Panel.