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User-defined Templates


Desktop Central MSP offers User-defined templates using which you can now customize, create and deploy configurations that meet your enterprise or business requirements. These templates can also be published to ServiceDesk Plus.


To create a user-defined template, follow the steps given below:

  1. Navigate to Configurations -> Templates.
  2. Select 'user-defined' as your template type.
  3. Click on the Create Template option from the console.
  4. In the 'Create Template' window, select the OS platform, configuration type and the category of your choice.
  5. Enter all the required details of the configuration and click Save.
  6. You have successfully created a user-defined template that can be deployed as a configuration for any required number of times to the targets of your choice.

Note-You can also create a user-defined template from a configuration that has been deployed already. To create a template from configuration:

  1. Navigate to Configurations tab.
  2. In the 'All Configurations' view, select the configuration of your choice.
  3. Select Save as Template from the 'Actions' button.
  4. Saving a configuration as a template will not include the targets.

Publish user-defined configuration templates to ServiceDesk Plus

This feature is supported only for customers, who have integrated Desktop Central MSP (100139 and above) with ServiceDesk Plus (9325 and above).

Steps to publish user-defined templates from Desktop Central to SDP:

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Under Integrations, ServiceDesk Plus Settings and modify the features integrated.
  2. Enable Publish user-defined configuration templates and choose to publish templates manually or automatically.
  3. Note -On selecting 'automatically', every time a template is added to Desktop Central, it will immediatley be published to ServiceDesk Plus. On selecting 'manually', you can select the templates of your choice and publish them to ServiceDesk Plus. This can be performed from Configurations -> Templates -> User-defined templates -> Publish to ServiceDesk Plus.

    Deploying published user-defined templates from ServiceDesk Plus requests

  4. Navigate to ServiceDesk Plus console.
  5. Select Admin -> General Settings -> ME Integrations -> Desktop Central.
  6. Under Desktop Central Actions, select 'Resolve requests using templates' option.
  7. Select Associate Templates for which Desktop Central's user-defined templates should be enabled.
  8. Click on the 'Action Menu' against any request and select 'Resolve Requests Using Templates' option to deploy user-defined configuration templates.


This example will help you understand how user-defined templates come in handy for administrators when they need to perform business specific administrative tasks regularly.


As an administrator, you need to ensure that all the users in your enterprise have access to the printer located in their respective floors.


  1. Create an 'IP Printer Configuration' with all necessary details and save as Template.
  2. A template is successfully created. In the future, whenever a new machine is discovered in your network, you can just deploy this template by specifying the target computers alone. This eliminates the need to create new configurations, thus saving time and manual efforts.