Authenticating Users via Active Directory

Desktop Central Web Console is the management interface for performing various activities like installing patches, installing/uninstalling software, imposing security restrictions and much more. If an unauthorized person or a hacker gets access to this interface, it allows them to perform some undesirable actions to the extent of taking control of remote computers/servers. While it is possible to restrict users based on specific roles, it does not have any stringent password plocies in place to make users change their passwords more frequently.

If you have an Active Directory based Windows Domain setup, you can make use of the Active Directory's password policy work for you. You can set stringent password policy for your domain users and make them login to Desktop Central using their domain username and password.

Making users authenticated via Active Directory is very simple. You just have to add your domain and specify a domain user. The user will have to use their domain Logon name and Password to login to Desktop Central.

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