Setting Up Desktop Central MSP

After installing Desktop Central MSP, the administrator has to setup various modules in Desktop Central MSP based on the requirements.

The steps/configurations described in this section can only be performed by users with administrative privileges in Desktop Central MSP.

Basic setup

  1. Setting up customer details
  2. Defining Scope of Management
  3. Adding Remote Offices
  4. Configuring Agent Settings
  5. Desktop Central MSP is a DMZ
  6. Desktop Central MSP in Azure/ AWS Marketplace
  7. Billing for customers

Feature-level setup

  1. Setting up Patch Management
  2. Setting up Software Deployment
  3. Setting up Asset Management
  4. Automate mundane administrative tasks using Configurations
  5. Manage endpoints seamlessly using Tools that come handy
  6. Generate audit-ready Reports and gain better clarity