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Configuring Help Desk Integration

Desktop Central MSP provides an option to integrate with Help Desk. With this, users will be able to send their help desk queries and requirements so that they are attended by help desk professionals.

Steps to Integrate with Help Desk

  1. Click the Admin tab to invoke the Admin page
  2. Click the Help Desk Settings link available under Integrations.
  3. The Help Desk Settings tab is selected by default.
  4. In the Mail options section, specify the "To Email addresses" of the help desk.
  5. Specify the "From Email Domain", which will be used when emails are sent from the agent tray icon. 
  6. Enter the email subject prefix which will be prefixed to all the tickets that has been created from the help desk ticket.
  7. In the Attachment options section, enable the screen shot file format type, so that the end user will be notified to attach the screen shot in the correct format.
  8. Enable any of the given video recording option, to capture issues in video format. The video recording time will vary based on your screen resolution and rapid screen changes.
    1. Save video in server and send link - Enabling this option will save video in the server and the video download link would be sent.
    2. Send as attachment - Enabling this option will send video as attachment.
  9. If you have enabled the option to save video in server and send as download link, specify the maximum permissible size of video files in the server. If the size exceeds, the files will be deleted automatically.
  10. If you have enabled the option to send video as attachment, specify the maximum attachment size supported by your configured mail server. If the video exceeds the configured attachment size, recording will not be proceeded further, you can either send the recorded video or discard it based on your requirement.
  11. Click OK to save the changes.

When you integrate with Help Desk, the users will have an additional menu as "Send Help Desk Requests" in the Agent icon that is shown in the system tray of the managed computers. It may be noted that the Agent Tray icon should have been configured to be shown to get this working.

Customizing the Ticket Subjects and Messages

Desktop Central has a set of pre-defined request templates that will be available under the Tickets tab. The administrators has an option to modify the subject and messages to suit their need. This helps them to automate the Help Desk Ticketing system based on the mail subject. To add or modify a ticket, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Admin tab to invoke the Admin page.
  2. Click the Help Desk Settings link available under Global Settings.
  3. Select the Tickets tab. This will list all the pre-defined ticket templates.
  4. Click Add Ticket to add a new template or select a template and click Edit to modify.
  5. Specify the Subject and the Message and click OK

The templates specified here will appear in the users' desktop when they click the Desktop Central icon from the system tray.