Configuring NAT Settings

As a Managed Service Provider, you would need to manage your client desktops from your network. The Desktop Central MSP agents residing in the computers of your clients need to reach the Desktop Central MSP Server installed in your network via internet. This means that the Desktop Central MSP Server is reachable via Public IP Address.

Installing Desktop Central MSP as an Edge device often involves hardening the OS against security threats/attacks with appropriate firewall configurations. It is simpler to have the Desktop Central Server installed in your private network and configure your external router to forward the requests to your private IP Address rather than moving Desktop Central MSP to the Edge.

The NAT settings lets you to specify the public IP Address and ports to which the requests/data from the Desktop Central Agents will be sent. The requests gets translated at your router to reach the Desktop Central Server.

To configure the NAT Settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Select Admin --> NAT Settings
  2. Specify the Public IP Address, Server Port, Remote Control and File Transfer Ports and click Save.


  1. This step is not required, if the computer where Desktop Central Server is installed is directly accessible via internet.
  2. The default port numbers are 8041, 8047, and 8053 for Server, Remote Control and File Transfer Ports respectively.