Integrating Desktop Central MSP with ServiceDesk Plus MSP

ServiceDesk Plus MSP is a Web-based help desk and asset-management software. It enables you to integrate your help-desk requests and assets to help you manage your IT infrastructure effectively. You can integrate the following features of Desktop Central MSP with ServiceDesk Plus MSP:

  1. Data related to hardware and software assets

  2. Help-desk requests

  3. Deploying software packages

  4. Add Worklog to ServiceDesk Requests for Remote Connections

  5. Complete UI Integration - This makes you access all the features of Desktop Central MSP from the ServiceDesk Plus MSP console.


Integrating the features mentioned above with ServiceDesk Plus MSP enables you to do the following:

  1. Get comprehensive information about IT assets like hardware and software assets installed in the computers in your network

  2. Log service and configuration requests, made by users as tickets automatically

  3. Install software packages from the ServiceDesk Plus console

  4. Add the reasons for remote connections as worklog entries to a request.

Make sure that the following points are taken care of while integrating ServiceDesk Plus MSP with Desktop Central MSP:

  1. Site name in Desktop Central MSP should be the same as the Remote office name in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

  2. Customer credentials for one customer should be the same in both Desktop Central MSP and ServiceDesk Plus MSP

  3. Heirarchy of computers/devices in Desktop Central MSP should be the same as the hierarchy in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Steps to Integrate

The pre-requisites and the steps for integration vary for every feature that you wish to integrate. The links below will guide you through the integration:

  1. Authenticating the integration

  2. Integrating Asset Data with ServiceDesk Plus

  3. Automatically Log Help Desk Requests as Tickets in ServiceDesk Plus

  4. Include Software Install / Uninstall option under the Actions menu of a Help Desk request in ServiceDesk Plus

  5. Configure to add worklog entries to requests for Remote Connections

  6. Make a complete UI integration between ServiceDesk and Desktop Central