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Authenticating the Integration


This document will explain you the steps involved in configuring Desktop Central MSP and ServiceDesk Plus MSP integration. The first step in integrating Desktop Central MSP with ServiceDesk Plus MSP is to generate an authentication Key to authenticate the integration. Authentication Key is also called as API Key. Authentication keys should be generated in both the servers, that is Desktop Central MSP and ServiceDesk Plus MSP . The key which is generated in Desktop Central MSP should be entered in ServiceDesk Plus server, and the key which is generated in ServiceDesk Plus MSP , should be updated in the Desktop Central MSP server. All communications between the Desktop Central MSP and the ServiceDesk Plus MSP server will be validated based on these authentication keys.

Authentication Key is mandatory to secure all communications between the Desktop Central MSP and ServiceDesk Plus MSP . Authentication Keys are used to perform the below mentioned operations:

  1. Authentication Key generated in Desktop Central MSP and updated in ServiceDesk Plus MSP is used to:

    • Authenticate all communications from Desktop Central server to ServiceDesk Plus MSP will be authenticated only using the authentication key.

  2. Authentication Key generated in ServiceDesk Plus and updated in Desktop Central MSP is used to:

    • Install/uninstall software applications

    • Log help desk requests as tickets in ServiceDesk Plus

    • Add work log to remote connections.

Generating Authentication Key in Desktop Central MSP

Note: The following steps are applicable only for customers, who are running Desktop Central MSP build # 90109 & ServiceDesk Plus MSP build # 8306 or later versions.

Authentication key can be created only for the logged on user and the user should have Administrator privilege. To generate an authentication key, You need to login to Desktop Central MSP web console as the user, with administrator privilege and follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click Admin tab on Desktop Central MSP web console
  2. Under Global Settings, select API Key Generation
  3. Against the user name, under Action, click Generate to generate authentication key
  4. Copy the generated key and click Save to complete the process

You can now update the copied authentication key in the ServiceDesk Plus server, for the integration to work. The API Key that you have generated should be pasted on the ServiceDesk Plus server in the below mentioned location :

  1. Click Admin, tab on ServiceDesk Plus
  2. Under  General, choose Desktop Central MSP Server Settings
  3. Specify the API Key that you have generated using Desktop Central MSP.
  4. Click Save  to verify the API key is authentication and communication has been established.

You have successfully generated the API key and established communication with the ServiceDesk Plus MSP server.

Generating Authentication Key in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

To generate an authentication key for ServiceDesk Plus, you should login as a user, with administrator privilege. Follow the steps mentioned below to generate authentication key for a new user.

  1. Go to Admin tab in ServiceDesk Plus MSP
  2. Under Users, select Technician
  3. Click Add New  to create a new technician and fill in the required details.
    1. Enter the name
    2. Enter the required description and specify the privileges required for the technician like, contact information, cost details, department details, assigning the group to technician and select permission.
    3. Check the Enable login for this technician checkbox. Enter the following details for the technician:

      1. Login Name

      2. Password

      3. Re-type Password

      4. Domain

    4. Select Enable Administrator Privileges (SDAdmin) option

    5. Under API Key Details, click Generate/Regenerate  to generate the authentication Key

You have successfully generated the authentication key, which should be copied and pasted in the Desktop Central MSP server. You can also generate authentication key for the existing and logged on user by editing the Technician details, and click Generate under API Key details.