Identifying Agent Status


Desktop Central updates the live status of computers periodically. This data is updated once in every ten minutes or while an on-demand operation is performed on a client computer.  You can see the live status of the Desktop Central agents by clicking on Customers, under "Computers" View. The following status will be displayed:

  1.  The computer icon will be in green color if the Desktop Central Agent is live.
  2. The computer icon will be in red, if the Desktop Central agent is down. Desktop Central agent can be down in the following scenarios:
    1. If the computer is not in the network
    2. If the computer is shutdown
    3. If the Desktop Central agent service has been stopped
    4. If the Desktop Central agent has been crashed
  3. The computer icon will be in grey, if Desktop Central agent is not installed in it. Those computers are discovered in the Customers, because they are added to the active directory
    but not managed by Desktop Central.
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