Integrating with AssetExplorer

AssetExplorer is a web based software that is widely used for asset management. If you are currently using AssetExplorer to manage your assets, then integrating with Desktop Central will provide you the following benefits:

Integrating Desktop Central with AssetExplorer, optimizes the results of AssetExplorer.  Since Desktop Central is an agent based solution, the data fetched from Desktop Central is more accurate and timely than AssetExplorer. Desktop Central will periodically update the asset information to the AssetExplorer. Desktop Central will post the inventory details immediately to AssetExplorer in the following scenarios :

Steps to Integrate AssetExplorer

You will have to perform the steps mentioned below on the Desktop Central web console to integrate it with AssetExplorer:

  1. Click Admin tab on the Desktop Central web console

  2. Under Integration and Choose ServiceDesk Plus Settings

  3. Under products to be integrated choose AssetExplorer

  4. Specify the Server Name/ IP Address/DNS Name

  5. Specify the port number

  6. Select the Communication type as HTTP or HTTPS

  7. Click to enable the features that you wanted to be integrated such as mobile devices and computers

  8. Click Save to save the changes.

You have successfully integrated Desktop Central with AssetExplorer.

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