Managing Customer Computers using Direct Communication

When the number of computers is less than 10 and if there are no bandwidth related issues, you can opt to manage your clients desktops using WAN Agents. The topics that will be covered in this section include:

Creating Agents for your Customers

You need to create separate agents for every customer separately. This agent has to be installed in all the managed computers at the customer site. To create the agents, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Admin tab to invoke the Admin page.
  2. Click the Customers link available under Global Settings. This invokes the Customers page.
  3. The Customers tab is selected by default showing all the customers that have been added already.
  4. Click Create Agent and specify the following details:
    1. Select the Customer. If you have not added the customer, click Add Customer link beside the customer list to add the customer first.
    2. Specify a Remote Office Name for this customer.
    3. If you have installed the Desktop Central MSP Server in your network that is not accessible via internet, specify the NAT details.
    4. Select the Communication Type as Direct Communication.
    5. Select/Create a "Replication Policy" to Specify the interval at which the agents from remote office computers should contact the Desktop Central Server for instructions. The default time interval is 2 minutes.
    6. The communication between the Distribution Server and the Desktop Central MSP Server is secured using HTTPS communication.
    7. If the systems in the customers location connects to internet through a proxy server, select the Proxy Configuration option and specify the proxy server details of the customer.
    8. Specify the computer name/IP address of the remote computers you want to manage. Use comma to specify multiple computers. The computer names will be used to automate agent installation using the script. However computer names can given at a later stage also and hence it is not a mandatory field.
    9. After specifying all the above details, click Create.

Installing Agents in your Clients' Computers

To install Desktop Central MSP agents in computers you wish to manage using direct communication,

  1. Navigate to Admin tab -> Scope of Management (SoM) -> Computers.
  2. Download the agent specific to your remote office. For example, assume that you have two remote offices named Remote Office 1 and Remote Office 2. If you want to install an agent in Remote Office 2, then click the Download Agent link and then click Remote Office 2.
  3. Copy the downloaded zip file in a folder in any computer of the respective remote office and extract the zip file to a directory.
  4. Edit the computernames.txt file and add the names of the computers in which you want to install the agent. Enter the name of each computer in a separate line
  5. Open command prompt in administrator mode, change the directory to <Extracted_Dir>/dssetup.
  6. Execute the setup.bat file and follow the instructions in command window.

You have installed agents in the computers of a remote office in your network. These computers will automatically be added to the list of computers that you are managing using Desktop Central MSP.