DC MSP Billing

Desktop Central MSP is all about managing several customers by performing various operations for managing a customer's end user systems. Currently, the majority of MSPs observe the manual method of billing wherein the billable hours or the charges incurred by every customer needs to be jotted down manually. It is a tiring task to manage the bill details of several customers, notify them to pay the bill before due date and maintain a track of the payments made. It is subjective to errors and inaccuracy. With the help of this billing feature, the entire process can be automated with just a few clicks.


Automate the process of billing by following these steps -

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab and select Billing under Customers.
  2. Click Service Plan tab to create a service plan that clearly defines the cost per computer.
  3. The next step would be to associate the plan to a customer. A service plan can be assigned to more than a single customer.

    It is mandatory to configure mail server settings.

    • Select the customer and the service plan that needs to be associated.
    • Choose the billing cycle and select the start date for the cycle.
    • Specify the number of due days before which the bill needs to be paid.
    • The bill would be sent to the E-mail address provided.
  4. Click Billing tab for generation of bills. This would provide the bill details such as -
    • The billing cycle
    • Payment status of bills
    • Other charges/discounts : This includes the additional charges or discounts
    • The consolidated bill details for each customer can be downloaded.
  5. To dissociate a plan, click Disassociate Plan under Service Plan tab. Choose the service plan and the customers who need to be dissociated from the service plan.
  6. If you want to modify the service plan during the billing cycle, navigate to the Service Plan Tab under Billing from Admin tab. Select to Modify the service plan from the Actions column for the corresponding service plan.
  • Bills are generated based on the timezone of the customer and not the server.
  • To obtain all the bill details of one customer, download the consolidated bill. To obtain individual bill details of one customer, download the bills individually.
  • The admin will be able to view the billing details of all the customers.
  • Apart from the admin, a customer admin will be able to view the billing details of the customers managed under that particular customer admin. For example, Admin A is the customer admin for customers 1 and 2 and admin B is the customer admin for customers 3 and 4. Admin A will not be able to view the billing details of customers 3 and 4, similarly, admin B will not be able to view the billing details of customers 1 and 2.