Defining Execution Settings

When you deploy a configuration to client computers, the deployment could fail in a few computers due to various reasons. In such cases, you can re-deploy the configuration. Desktop Central enables you to automate the redeployment process through the Execution Settings option. This option enables you to do the following:

Based on the specified input, configurations will be re-deployed on the computers till the depolyment is successful or the retry limit has reached.

Configuring Execution Settings

You can configure the execution settings while defining the individual configurations or from the configuration's details view. To configure execution settings you will have to specifty the following:

Retry Configuration on Failed Targets

Enabling this option, will retry to apply the configuration on the failed targets. You can choose to specify the maximum number of retry attempts. These retry attempts can be executed during the refresh cycle or user logon.

You can break up the number of times you want a configuration-deployment to be retried into the number of times you want it retried during logon or startup and the number of times you want it retried during the refresh cycle. Neither option can be set to zero. For example, if you want an option to be retried 8 times and you set the number of times it should be retried during the refresh cycle to 7, the number of times is should be retried during login or startup will automatically be set as one.

Enable Notifications

Specify the email address, if you wanted to receive email notifications. These notifications will be begin when the status is moved to "Ready to Execute". You can also set a frequency for the notifications to be sent. Notification will be sent only if there is any change in the status, from the previous notification. The example below will explain you more in detail:

You have deployed a configuration to a target of 10 computers. The notification settings has been configured to "Notify via email every 2 hours for 3 days". The configuration has been moved to Ready to execute status at 10.00 hours. on day 1. The first notification will be sent at 12.00 hours. Assume none of the computers were reachable during the time interval. The notification mail will be sent stating that the configuration is yet to be deployed, and the reason as Agents not reachable.

The second notification should be sent at 14.00 hours, however still none of the computers are reachable, and there is no specific change in the status from the previous notification, then the second notification will not be sent.

Assume 5 computers were reachable at 15.00 hours, then the subsequent notification will be sent as per schedule at 16.00 hours with the status of the configuration.

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