Uninstalling Service Pack

You have the option of reverting the changes incorporated by the installation of a Service Pack. You can revert to the previous version of the Service Pack or to the base version of the application. Before you start the un-installation process, make sure no application is running.

The steps to revert to a previous version are as follows.

  1. Start Update manager by executing the script UpdateManager.bat file located in <Desktop Central MSP Home>/bin directory.
  2. Select the service pack, which needs to be uninstalled, from the Installed Service Pack list. Click Uninstall to proceed with the uninstallation.
  3. The list of dependent service packs if any will be shown for your confirmation before proceeding with the process.
  4. Click Finish to proceed.

The specified Service Pack will be uninstalled from the application. You can now continue with the screen (like uninstalling another Service Pack) or quit the tool by clicking Exit.