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Schedule Scanning

Inventory Scan

Schedule system's inventory scan and track asset data periodically to get up-to-date information about the changes in the hardware and software installed across the systems you manage. You can set the frequency of scan according to your requirement. With the agent-server model of Desktop Central MSP, any changes in the hardware or software in the managed systems would be updated immediately. Thus making your asset data more accurate and comprehensive.

To perform inventory scan go to Inventory --> Actions/settings --> Schedule Scan --> Inventory Scan --> Configure Schedule  

File Scan

Schedule system's file scan and get details about the various types of files present in the systems you manage. On performing this scan you can identify audios, movies, photos, office documents and outlook data files. With this scan you can view the count and memory usage of these files. Hence by tracking the details of file types you would be able to perform the following activities:

  • Identify copy righted files like music and movies in the organization network
  • Analyze system's hardware usage and monitor memory usage of files

To perform file type scan go to Inventory --> Actions/settings --> Schedule Scan --> File Scan --> Configure Schedule  

Create/edit a rule to scan and detect files based on file extensions. Whenever a rule is added/modified the changes will take effect during the subsequent file scan.

File Scan can be performed only by the Inventory administrator who has access to all managed computers.

To view the details of file type scan go to Inventory --> Computers --> Computer name --> File details