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Certificate-based Reports

Desktop Central MSP provides the details pertaining to Certificates from all the managed Windows machines in your network. Using Certificate details, you can export audit-ready certificate-based reports anytime. These come handy when you want to settle for a plan of action on renewal of certificates.

Navigate to Inventory Reports from Inventory tab. Under Certificate Reports, you can view the list of certificate-based reports offered by Desktop Central MSP.

Expired Certificates

These certificates throw light on the list of expired certificates in all the Windows machines present in your network.

Soon to expire certificates

Soon to expire certificates are the list of certificates that are on the verge of expiry. Uphold the reputation of your organization by renewing certificates on time, thereby ensuring no downtime of applications in your network.

Small Key Length certificates

Key length is the number of bits in a cryptographic algorithm's key. A short key length means poor security. The key length of certificates listed is either 1024 bits or lesser.

Weak Algorithm certificates

A cryptographic algorithm produces hash or fingerprint of the input and is used for verification of digital signatures. MD5 is one such algorithm with feeble strength that yields weak certificates. The certificates listed in this report have a weak signature hash algorithm.

Computers with/without a certificate

At times, it becomes crucial to check the presence of a particular certificate in your network computers. This becomes strenuous when you manage a large number of computers. With the help of this report, you can deduce the necessary information in no time.