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Viewing System Details Reports

System Group Users

This report will give you the list of local user accounts available in the computers of the selected domain. By default, this will list the all the computers with group name as Administrator. You can filter the view by selecting the domain or a custom group and choose the group to view their details.  

To view the report, select the Inventory tab and choose the Local Group Members link available under System Details category by hovering the mouse over the Inventory Reports

Computers by Services

This report provides you with the list of computers that has a particular Windows Service running. You can choose the service, its start mode and state and click Generate Report to get the list of computers running that particular service.

To view the report, select Inventory tab --> Inventory Reports --> Computers by Services.

Share Details

This report provides the details of the data, that are shared from the computer. Administrators can use this report to identify the drives that are shared from the managed computers. This report plays a vital role for auditing purpose. This report can also be exported in .pdf. xls and .csv format. Administrators can use this report to verify the details of "Shared Drive" and restrict them, if required. This ensures that the corporate data is secure.

To view the report,  Inventory tab --> Inventory Reports --> Share Details

You can view the list of shares and its details like, users to whom it is shared, permissions provided to the users, shared path, etc. Administrators can use the report to determine if the share's permission and access need to   be maintained for all the listed users, or modified for specific users. Select the computer  and navigate to the detailed view, to see more details of this report. Clicking a computer account from the report displays the complete information of that account.