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Configuring Energy Saver

This document will explain you the steps involved in configuring "Energy Saver" to save power that is consumed by computers which are idle in the network. You can use this configuration to reduce the cost spent on electricity. Whenever a computer is not in use, idle and not turned off, the power consumed by computers can be cut short. Power Management is essential for all the enterprises, immaterial of the total number of computers used in the network. Administrators can choose  to configure the Energy Saver, settings on the computer, using Desktop Central. This configuration will be applied to the computers during the subsequent refresh cycle.

The following steps will explain you on how to deploy "Energy Saver" to computer:

  1. Click Configurations tab
  2. Under Add Configurations, select Configurations
  3. Choose Mac tab
  4. Select Energy Saver and choose Computer
  5. Specify the name and description for the configuration
  6. Choose Battery/Power Adapter and specify the settings like:
    1. Idle time allowed to put the computer to sleep.
    2. Idle time allowed to put the computer's display to sleep
    3. Specify to put the hard disk to sleep, whenever it is not in use
    4. Startup automatically after a power failure
  7. Define the target
  8. Specify retry options if required and deploy the configuration

You have successfully created and applied Energy Saver settings for the computers.