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Configuring Login Window

Administrators can choose to configure the login window, which need to be displayed  when the user logs on. Applying this configuration will customize the login window based on the settings specified by the administrator.

The following steps will explain you on how to deploy "Login Items" to computer:

  1. Click Configurations tab
  2. Under Add Configurations, select Configurations
  3. Choose Mac tab
  4. Select Login Window and choose Computer
  5. Specify the name and description for the configuration
  6. Choose to configure the details, whichever should appear on the login window:
    1. Message which should appear on the login window - Message which should be displayed to the user during logon
    2. Display Sleep/Shutdown/Restart Buttons - Shows the buttons on the login window, allows the users to perform any of these operations
    3. Prompt Users with User Name and Password - Prompt to enter both user name and password
    4. List of Available Users - Shows a list of users, who have previously logged onto this computer like local users, mobile accounts, network users, administrators and option for others
  7. You can also choose to specify the Login Options, like :
    1. Show Password Hint as per Settings - Displaying hint for password
    2. Disable Automatic Login - User will have to logon every time a computer is re-started, or woke up after sleep mode
    3. Enable External Accounts - Allow external accounts other than AD accounts
    4. Allow Guest User - Allow to login as Guest user
    5. Enable Fast User Shifting - Allow to switch user accounts without logging out users
    6. Log out the user, if the idle time exceeds - Automatically log out the user, by specifying an idle time limit
    7. Display Screen saver, if the idle time exceeds - Display screen saver, by specifying an idle time limit
    8. Prompt for password after sleep/screen saver mode - Prompt the user to enter password every time, the user logs on after sleep/screen saver mode
  8. Define the target
  9. Specify retry options if required and deploy the configuration

You have successfully created a configuration to configure Login Window for the computers.