Configuring Web Clips

 The shortcut that appears on the system, which can be used to launch the application is called as a web clip. Administrators can choose  to configure the Web Clips, which need to be mounted  when the user logs on. Applying this configuration will allow the user to access the Web Clips, which will be set as default. When this configuration is applied to user,  the items which need to be mounted during the logon cannot be defined by the user.

The following steps will explain you on how to deploy "Web Clips" to User:

  1. Click Configurations tab
  2. Under Add Configurations, select Configurations
  3. Choose Mac tab
  4. Select Web Clips and choose User
  5. Specify the name and description for the configuration
  6. Specify the path of the Web Clips, which needs to be mounted during the user logon.
  7. Define the target
  8. Specify retry options if required and deploy the configuration

You have successfully created a configuration to mount Web Clips for the users.