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  1. When an already defined configuration is modified and re-deployed, the previous data will be overwritten and will not be shown in history reports.
  2. Disk Defragmentation is not supported in Windows 2000 computers.

Known Issues

  1. Software Installation will not work when the package is in computer share of one Workgroup and you are trying to install it to a computer in another Workgroup.
  2. In Custom Script configuration, Logoff and shutdown scripts cannot be executed.

Known Issues in deploying Configuration to Windows Vista Client Machines

  1. When Security Policies are deployed to Windows Vista machines, the status will be shown as successful, but, the policies will not be applied.

Known Issues in Desktop Sharing

  1. If the remote computer is shutdown using Remote Desktop Sharing, the viewer will not close by itself and has to be closed manually. It will display a blue screen showing a message "Meeting has stopped".
  2. When connecting from Firefox/Flock browsers, Desktop Central Add-on (xpi) will be installed every time you access a remote computer using the Active X viewer. If you do not accept to install the xpi within 20 seconds, the remote service will be killed and you will not be able to access it. You have to close the viewer and have to connect again.
  3. In Java viewer, Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Full Screen icons in the toolbar will not work.
  4. When a remote connection is established, a message "You are now controlling the desktop" will appear. If you do not click OK within 20 seconds, the connection will close automatically. You have to close the viewer and have to connect again.