Security Policies - Desktop

Desktop Central supports configuring the following security policies in Desktop category:

Security Policy Description

Hide and disable all items on the desktop

Removes icons, shortcuts, and other default and user-defined items from the desktop, including Briefcase, Recycle Bin, My Computer, and My Network Places.

Remove my documents icon on the desktop

This setting removes the My Documents icon from the desktop, from Windows Explorer, from programs that use the Windows Explorer windows, and from the standard Open dialog box.

Hide my network places icon in desktop

Removes the My Network Places icon from the desktop.

Hide Internet explorer icon on desktop

Removes the Internet Explorer icon from the desktop and from the Quick Launch bar on the taskbar.

Prevent adding, dragging, dropping and closing the taskbar tool

Prevents users from manipulating desktop toolbars. If you enable this setting, users cannot add or remove toolbars from the desktop. Also, users cannot drag toolbars on to or off of docked toolbars.

Prohibit adjusting desktop toolbar

Prevents users from adjusting the length of desktop toolbars. Also, users cannot reposition items or toolbars on docked toolbars.

Don't save settings at exit

Prevents users from saving certain changes to the desktop.



The policy descriptions are taken from Microsoft Help Documentation