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Security Policies - Windows Installer

Desktop Central supports configuring the following security policies in Windows Installer category:

Security Policy Description

Always install with elevated privileges

This setting extends elevated privileges to all programs. These privileges are usually reserved for programs that have been assigned to the user (offered on the desktop), assigned to the computer (installed automatically), or made available in Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. This setting lets users install programs that require access to directories that the user might not have permission to view or change, including directories on highly restricted computers.

Prohibit rollback

This setting prevents Windows Installer from recording the original state of the system and sequence of changes it makes during installation. It also prevents Windows Installer from retaining files it intends to delete later. As a result, Windows Installer cannot restore the computer to its original state if the installation does not complete.

Disable media source for any install

Prevents users from installing programs from removable media.



The policy descriptions are taken from Microsoft Help Documentation