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Software Deployment Templates

A template is a predefined format that can be applied. The Templates tab in the Software Deployment section comprises of predefined applications that you can use to create packages automatically. This functionality downloads binaries from the respective vendors' Web sites to create packages automatically.


Ensure that you complete the following tasks before automating the package-creation process using the Templates tab:

  1. Define valid proxy credentials

  2. Provide access rights

Creating a package

You can create a single package or multiple packages from the Templates tab. To create a package, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click Software Deployment>Templates

  2. Select the required application

Note: Select multiple applications to create multiple packages.

  1. Click the Create Package button

Note: You can also use the Create Package link available against the package, under the Action column. If the package creation type is manual, click learn more to know the steps on how to create the package manually.

  1. Enter the required proxy information

  2. Click OK

You are required to confirm if you want to download the binaries related to the package you have chosen. If you do not want to download the binaries, click Cancel.

  1. Click Yes

The download process of the respective binaries will begin. The download-process status will be updated once the package creation is completed.

  1. Click View packages

Note: You can click Close if you do not want to view the packages. You can cancel the package-creation process. However, you can do this only while creating multiple packages. Packages that have the Yet to Start status will be canceled.

You have successfully created a package. The package can now be modified or deployed like manually created packages.

Accessing the location of a package

When you create a package, you are required to download the package from the vendor's Web site. You can access the executable link for each package location through the application details. To access the executable links for the location of a package, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click Software Deployment>Templates

  2. Click the required application

  3. In the Application Details window, click on the link against Location

Note: You must ensure that the URL of the executable link is added to the exception list in the proxy server.

You can now re-create the package and deploy it.

These links will redirect you to the location from which the package is being downloaded. The possibility of getting a download error reduces if the link is accessible. However, if you get an error while trying to access the link, then you will get an error while trying to download the required binaries, from the Desktop Central server. You should verify the functionality of the executable links for packages only from the system on which the Desktop Central server is installed.