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Are you exhausted from the constant barrage of false alarms that flood your security system, making it nearly impossible to distinguish them from genuine anomalies?

Your struggle to identify real threats within your network ends here. Log360 brings you

  • Precision
  • Timely anomaly
  • Minimized
    false alarms

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About Log360

Log360 is a comprehensive SIEM solution that seamlessly incorporates DLP and CASB functionalities. This unified platform excels in identifying, ranking, examining, and managing security threats. Its robust approach combines threat intelligence, machine learning-powered anomaly detection, and rule-based attack detection methodologies to uncover even the most intricate cyberattacks. Additionally, Log360 features an incident management console, facilitating efficient response measures for the identified threats. Log360 also offers holistic security oversight spanning on-premises, cloud, and hybrid network environments, thanks to its user-friendly and sophisticated security analytics and monitoring features.

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