How Log360 compares with the competition.

Log360 is a comprehensive security information and event management (SIEM) solution that helps your security operations center (SOC) to defend against attacks, be compliant with regulatory mandates, watch out user behavior anomalies, tackle threats, and more. 

Here are six reasons

why you should choose Log360 as your SIEM solution.

Mitigate threats with an effective defense mechanism.

Guard your organization from network intrusions, data thefts, and DOS attacks with Log360's threat intelligence module. 

Minimize potential damage with built-in incident management.

Automate your incident response by creating workflows that sync with alerts. Orchestrate with ITIL solutions to speed up threat mitigation and ensure accountability for incident resolution. 

Be quick on your feet with file integrity monitoring (FIM).

Monitor critical information with the FIM feature, which helps you react quickly and reduce the risk of data breaches. 

Log management made easy.

With Log360's features such as centralized log collection, log analysis, log archiving, and log correlation, you have a complete log management solution.

Be quick on your feet with file integrity monitoring (FIM).

Monitor critical information with the FIM feature, which helps you react quickly and reduce the risk of data breaches. 

Secure your network while also staying compliant.

Monitor and analyze your log data for security breaches, and meet regulatory compliance requirements with compliance reports for PCI DSS, FISMA, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and more.

We are trusted by 120,000 organizations worldwide to manage and secure their IT.

Here's what a few of them have to say.
  • "Log360 has made my job a cinch. The real-time reports and alerts make sure I don't have to spend a lot of time worrying about threats."


    IT security admin of SHM,

  • "Log360 is a complete solution for all of the needs in events auditing! Subcomponents like EventLog Analyzer and ADAuditPlus are really helpful during reviews and audits."

    Arvind Kumar

    IT Security In-charge, HCL Technologies

  • "Credit Union of Denver has been using EventLog Analyzer for more than four years for our internal user activity monitoring. EventLog Analyzer provides great value as a network forensic tool and for regulatory due diligence. This product can rapidly be scaled to meet our dynamic business needs."

    Benjamin Shumaker

    Vice President of IT / ISO,

    Credit Union of Denver
  • "EventLog Analyzer has been a good event log reporting and alerting solution for our information technology needs. It minimizes the amount of time we spent on filtering through event logs and provides almost near real-time notification of administratively defined alerts.

    Joseph E. Veretto

    Operations Review Specialist

    Office of Information System, Florida Department of Transportation

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With Log360, we've made it easier for you to collect and analyze log data, detect security breaches, respond to threats quickly, and simplify your IT compliance. Armed with these extensive security features, your organization's network will be well-prepared for unexpected security battles.


About Log360

ManageEngine Log360, an integrated solution that combines ADAudit Plus and EventLog Analyzer into a single console, is the one-stop solution for all log management and network security challenges. This solution offers real-time log collection, analysis, monitoring, correlation, and archiving capabilities that help protect confidential data, thwart internal security threats, and combat external attacks. Log360 comes with over 1,200 predefined reports and alert criteria to help enterprises meet their most pressing security, auditing, and compliance demands.

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