In March 2019, the Dominican Republic's National Cybersecurity Council held a meeting to approve the National Cybersecurity Strategy 2018-2021. During this meeting, several action points related to identity management, cybersecurity incident management, and data confidentiality were stressed. This will have far-reaching implications for both businesses and consumers; consumers will gain extra protection over their digital identities while businesses will be required to protect user data from cyberattacks.

The "Cyber Security and Information Regulation in the Dominican Republic" document is a continuation to what is already preserved in the country's constitution as a fundamental right.

All persons have the right to access to the information and facts about them or their property that reside in official or private registers, as well as to know the destination and the uses of the same, with the limitations fixed by law. Treatment of personal facts or information or that regarding property shall be made respecting the principles of quality, lawfulness, loyalty, security, and finality. One may solicit the updating, oppose the treatment, rectification, or destruction of that information that illegitimately affects his rights from before the appropriate judicial authority.

- Article 44.2 of the Dominican Republic's Constitution

The Dominican Republic is currently ranked 63rd in the world in the National Cybersecurity Index. As businesses adopt better practices and effective solutions to adhere to the cybersecurity regulations, we can expect the ranking to improve.

Compliance requirements: Effective identity and network management.

In the "Cyber Security and Information Regulation in the Dominican Republic" document, Article 27 establishes the importance of identity management, and Article 28 establishes the importance of network management.

  • Defend against identity theft

    Requirements of Article 27
    1. Only authorized users should have access to the appropriate resources.
    2. Monitor the integrity of files, folders, and databases.
    3. Maintain an environment of least privilege, and monitor access of all users.
    4. Track all user activities and modifications in Active Directory.
    5. Audit all permission escalations.
  • Defend against cyberattacks

    Requirements of Article 28
    1. Monitor user and entity activities in real-time across different network devices, applications, and servers.
    2. Automatically take action to resolve security incidents.
    3. Facilitate advanced forensics to find the root cause of incidents.
    4. Correlate events that happen across the network to identify data breaches.

What is required for compliance?

To comply with Articles 27 and 28, a real-time auditing solution that audits users, groups, Group Policy, membership changes, and other changes in Active Directory is required. Businesses also need solutions to analyze logs from multiple sources in real-time. This solution needs to raise alerts to mitigate both identity theft incidents and cyberattacks. ManageEngine Log360 can fulfill all of these requirements.

Why you should use Log360 to comply with the Dominican Republic's regulations.

Log360 is a one-stop solution for all your log management and network security challenges. You'll be able to audit Active Directory changes, network device logs, Microsoft Exchange Servers, Microsoft Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, and your public cloud infrastructure all from a single console, and gain complete control over your network.

Why you should use Log360 to comply with the Dominican Republic's regulations.
With Log360, you can

With Log360, you can:

  • Collect and analyze logs from multiple sources.
  • Correlate different logs to understand what happened.
  • Monitor application servers including IIS web servers, Microsoft SQL servers, and Oracle databases.
  • Audit network devices including firewalls, routers, and switches.
  • Keep track of all NTFS permission changes on files.
  • Receive instant alerts upon suspicious folder access.
  • Receive a comprehensive audit trail of every modification to file shares.
  • View actionable reports on every change in Active Directory and permission escalations.
  • Drill down to the root cause of all security incidents, data breaches, and identity thefts.

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