Detect and investigate any security incident
with event correlation

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  • How do you detect anomalies hiding within millions of network logs?

  • How do you trace an attacker's path across multiple devices?

  • How do you monitor attack patterns relevant to your environment?

  • How can you achieve all of this within seconds?

Log360's event correlation module is the answer.

Stop malware, anomalous services, brute-force attacks,
cryptojacking, and more.

The number of network attacks in play today may go by many different names, but in truth, they have several things in common. Every attack follows three basic stages: entry, exploration, and a breach of critical data or resources. Many attacks even follow similar methods of entry and infiltration. For instance, one attack may lock down your data while another is designed to steal passwords. Even so, both of these attacks use malware to infiltrate and spread through your network.

The trick to stopping an attack is detecting activity patterns that signal an oncoming breach. This is where Log360's event correlation module comes in. All the telltale signs are there—they're simply spread throughout your network logs—and Log360 strings these clues together to identify indicators of an attack. With quick, accurate alerts, you can take a proactive stance and prevent damage to your network data and resources. Here's how:

  • Prebuilt attack rules: 

    Take advantage of over 30 predefined correlation rules to detect several common attacks.

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  • Intuitive incident dashboard: 

    View a summary of all detected incidents on the correlation dashboard, and understand the security of your network better.

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  • Attack timeline: 

    Navigate a detailed event timeline for each detected incident, and drill down to raw log contents to get in-depth information on compromised accounts, infected devices, and more.

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  • Instant notifications: 

    Get email and SMS alerts when a security incident is detected.

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  • Custom rule builder: 

    Customize existing attack rules or build new ones from scratch with the flexible rule builder interface.

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  • White paper

    This white paper is a great introduction to the concept of event correlation and explains exactly how it works as well as how it fits within the overall security strategy of your organization.

  • Handbook

    Our network security handbook explains the practical applications of event correlation and provides you with a few useful introductory use cases.

  • Infographic

    Learn about cryptocurrency and cryptojacking. How does illegal cryptomining affect organizations, and how can event correlation help? Our infographic will tell you more.

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ManageEngine Log360, an integrated solution that combines ADAudit Plus and EventLog Analyzer into a single console, is the one-stop solution for all log management and network security challenges. This solution offers real-time log collection, analysis, monitoring, correlation, and archiving capabilities that help protect confidential data, thwart internal security threats, and combat external attacks. Log360 comes with over 1,200 predefined reports and alert criteria to help enterprises meet their most pressing security, auditing, and compliance demands.

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