About the training and certification

A single solution for analyzing network activity, detecting internal and external threats, auditing your Active Directory environment, and staying compliant with regulatory policies—that's Log360 for you. This SIEM solution is an integration of two of our most powerful tools—ADAudit Plus and EventLog Analyzer—to give you a vast range of audit, security, and compliance features.

Our training and certification program introduces you to these features, shows you the latest features in our product, and teaches you simple methods to optimize your auditing and security processes. Our training program has been a huge success so far, and over 75 users have earned the certification. Join the upcoming batch and let our product expert demonstrate how you can ensure network security with Log360.

Using ADAudit Plus? Check out the benefits of upgrading to Log360.
  • Expand the scope of your auditing beyond Active Directory—gain insights from your routers, firewalls, applications, and more.
  • Trace security incidents across multiple devices and conduct in-depth forensic investigations.
  • Receive alerts based on the latest threat feed information.
Using EventLog Analyzer? Check out the benefits of upgrading to Log360.
  • Conduct in-depth auditing of your Active Directory environment. Stay up-to-date on employee activity, including logons, logoffs, and account lockouts.
  • Monitor your administrators closely and guard against privilege abuse and internal threats.
  • Get fine-grained reports about changes made to critical files and folders.

To earn the training completion certificate all you have to do is pass a short certification assessment conducted at the end of each of the four sessions in the series.

For more information on how to join the webinars and get certified, please check out our FAQ section or send us an email.