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Shehnaaz N, Product expert

Date and Time Aug 17, 18, 19 and 24 at 11.30 AM IST | 10 AM GST | 2 PM SGT
Duration 45 Mins

About the workshop

This workshop will give you insights on how to utilize the different modules and capabilities of Log360 to secure your network. We'll discuss critical use cases and attack scenarios that can be mitigated and remediated using Log360. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to make better use of Log360 to secure your IT infrastructure. You'll also receive a certificate upon completion of all the sessions of the workshop.


To attend the workshop, you need to:

  • Ensure you have stable internet connectivity.
  • Join the workshop using the Zoom link that will be sent to your email upon registration.

Key takeaways from the workshop

  • Understanding log management and security auditing
  • Using Log360 to identify advanced persistent threats, internal and external attacks, and incidents
  • Utilizing predefined reports, alerts, correlation rules, and workflows, and customizing them as needed to suit your network
  • Automating your incident management and response
  • Detecting malicious user behavior in real time and mitigating it

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Workshop agenda

  • Session 1
  • Session 2
  • Session 3
  • Session 4

Log360 basics - Log management

  • Overview of Log360
  • Log collection across different platforms
  • Auto-discovery of devices
  • Custom log parsing
  • Log360’s archival capability
  • Searching logs: Building search queries
  • Tagging, adding notes, and converting search results to alert profiles
  • Demonstrating a seamless console for incident investigation and resolution

Real-time security analytics with Log360 - Part I

  • Exploring the different analytical modules of Log360 with use cases
  • Demystifying Log360's analytical capabilities for:
  • Privileged user monitoring
  • Active Directory, GPO, and security group changes
  • Microsoft 365 security analytics
  • Analyzing the integrated compliance management module

Real-time security analytics with Log360 - Part II

  • Detecting attacks using Log360's security analytics capability
  • Utilizing threat intelligence to detect and mitigate threats
  • Understanding event correlation
  • Implementing the MITRE ATT&CK framework using Log360
  • Using ML-powered user and entity behavior analytics to spot bad actors

Security use cases and customization of Log360

  • Detecting advanced persistent threats in your network using Log360
  • Remediating attacks using the built-in incident response module
  • Detecting user anomalies with UEBA: Use case demonstration
  • Customizing reports, alerts, and incident workflows in Log360
  • Customizing dashboards and views to simplify security monitoring
  • Creating user roles and enabling multi-factor authentication in Log360

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