Is your enterprise located in the EU?
Does your enterprise collect and process personal data of the EU citizens?

If yes, then its high time  for you to adopt the all new General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR).
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How do we help you

Comprising 11 chapters and 99 articles, the EU GDPR will soon become  one of the world's most stringent compliance mandates, completely redefining what personal data, data processes, and unlawful processing mean.

ManageEngine's IT security solutions suite includes powerful tools that help audit data processing methods, the place where personal data is stored - so as to ensure data safety, and track user behaviors - to avoid unlawful or unauthorized processing of personal data. 

ManageEngine's tools help organizations comply with multiple
GDPR articles, including:

  • Chapter 2
  • Article 5 - 1(b), 1(d), and 1(f), and 2
  • Chapter 4
  • Article 24 - 1
  • Article 25 - 2
  • Article 32 - 1(b), 1(d), 2, and 4
  • Article 33 - 1, 2, and 3(a)

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Our solutions for the GDPR

ADManager Plus

A web-based Active Directory management and reporting solution that helps to check the permissions assigned to users to access the personal data.

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Exchange Reporter Plus

A comprehensive Exchange server reporting, auditing, and monitoring solution that helps to keep an eye on the personal data transmission over emails.

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O365 Manager Plus

An extensive Office 365 auditing and reporting tool that helps ensuring all activities happening in the Office 365 are in accordance with the requirements of the regulation.

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A comprehensive SIEM solution that collects, processes, and analyzes log data from sources across a network. It audits critical changes to Active Directory in real time and notifies administrators instantly about anomalous security incidents, data breach attempts, or security attacks. 

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FileAudit Plus

A real-time and in-depth Windows file monitoring and auditing solution, ensures the integrity of confidential files and folders by generating instant notifications whenever critical file changes-such as creation, deletion, modification, renaming, and permission changes-happen.

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