Detecting and reporting data breaches is often overlooked.To tackle the most sophisticated data breaches of today, it's mandatory for you to adopt measures to detect on-going data breaches, contain the attack to minimize its impact, and conduct forensic analysis to assess the impact of the breach. However, according to UK's Cyber Security Survey Report, about sixty-five percent of businesses don't know the breach or attack source, and forty-four percent don't know what factors led to the most disruptive breach or attack. In other words, these organizations have not deployed measures to effectively deal with data breaches.  

Article 33 - Notification of a personal data breach to supervisory authorities of the GDPR outlines what technical measures that organizations should deploy to effectively spot, report, and analyze data breaches. 

In the upcoming webinar, our compliance and security expert will decrypt Article 33 and elaborate  on how to meet this specific requirement of the GDPR. 

Join us to know:

  • What Article 33 of the GDPR says.
  • How a SIEM solution can be the technical measure that GDPR outlines.
  • The best practices to
    • Reduce breach dwell time.
    • Instantly detect data breaches.
    • Analyze the breach impacts.
    • Report on data breaches.
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