As a security administrator or data protection officer, it's essential for you to monitor who gets access to personal data. One of the most important technical measures that every organization should adopt is setting up proper rules and policies for personal data access. This not only helps prevent data breaches by detecting anomalies instantly, but also helps you prove that only authorized users get to access personal data and the organization abides by the requirements stated in the regulation.


GDPR Prep Steps: Using Security Groups and Access Control Lists (ACLs) to Secure Personal Data.

In this webinar, our compliance expert will talk about:

  • How identity and access management is related to securing personal data.
  • How security groups and Access Control Lists (ACLs) help secure personal data.
  • Setting up alerts in security solutions to capture changes to security groups and ACLs.

Date & Time: 27th March, 2 PM GMT

Know Your Presenter

SidIT security and compliance specialist

Sid is an IT security and compliance specialist who works in ManageEngine's IT security solutions team. He authors articles, technical guides and whitepapers, regularly hosts webinars on key security topics, and presents at events, helping enterprises of all sizes formulate a clear cut strategy for IT security and compliance.

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