The security admin's survival guide for the GDPR.

The definitive IT handbook for GDPR compliance.

In less than two months, companies who handle the personal data of EU citizens need to prove that they're complying with GDPR requirements. However, according to a recent survey by security firm Bitdefender, security professionals would rather risk fines than tackle the complex nature of GDPR implementation and compliance. It's high time for us, the security professionals, to act.

The Security admin's survival guide for GDPR compliance will not only elaborate on five steps you can take to make your road to GDPR compliance easy, but will also offer other information as well, such as how ManageEngine's solutions can help you stay GDPR compliant.

This ebook will cover:

  • GDPR requirements that need your attention.
  • Five prep steps for GDPR compliance:
    • Data discovery, isolation, and backup.
    • Setting up security configurations.
    • Configuring alerts in a security solution to detect incidents.
    • Setting up notifications to instantly detect breach attempts.
    • Generating post-breach incident reports.
  • How ManageEngine can help you comply with the GDPR.
  • Survive GDPR. Stay compliant.
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