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    Did you know that more than 13 million healthcare records were breached in 2018 alone? It's not enough that you give your patients the best healthcare; you also need to keep their health-related data safe from cyberattacks. Intrusions into your electronic health records (EHRs) could be damaging to both your patients and your reputation. 


    New healthcare technologies bring new security vulnerabilities into the organization. Cyberattackers could compromise devices connected in a hospital network and steal sensitive information. Worse, patients' personal health data could be tampered with and lead to disastrous consequences. Healthcare compliance regulations such as HIPAA ensure that the sensitive data stays protected. 


Privacy and security of
electronic health records

An electronic health record (EHR) is one of the most important assets of any healthcare organization. It contains a patient's entire health history which includes all the treatments, procedures, prescriptions, lab tests, and scan reports. EHRs have reduced the number of errors in patient reports, and help physicians keep track of healthcare data of every patient.

While EHRs simplify patient care, they also introduce security vulnerabilities. Patient data could be tampered with, leading to incorrect treatment.To mitigate these threats, the healthcare industry enforces HIPAA regulations on organizations. The safety of your EHRs requires a comprehensive security solution that helps you detect security and privacy threats to your patient data early on.

How to ensure security and compliance

IT security hardening for healthcare
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