Log360 Integration

Log360 contains five components, with each of them providing a rich but unique set of features. These components are:

To get a complete solution for all your Active Directory challenges and management problems, these five components have to be integrated into Log360. Follow the steps shown below:

Step 1: Download and install the components

Note: If you already have the components installed and running, you can skip this step and proceed with Step 2 (Integrate the components)

Step2: Integrate the components

Note: Make sure that all the components are set up and running before proceeding with the steps given below. Also, check whether you have the appropriate versions of the components with respect to the Log360 version you are currently running.

Switch between different components of Log360:

Once all the components have been integrated, you can switch between components to access the full feature set that each component offers. You can easily switch between two components by using the Jump to link provided at the top right corner of the Log360 Web Client. Simply place your mouse pointer over the Jump to link and select the component to which you want to jump.

Data Synchronization Across Components

Once the different components of Log360 have been integrated, the data such as domain settings, component integration, and more will automatically be synchronized across each component. This saves a lot of time for the administrators, as they no longer have to configure the same settings across all the four components. Any changes made in any one of the components will automatically be reflected in the other components also. The data relating to the following configuration settings will be automatically synchronized across all the components of Log360:

Domain Settings:

If you want to add a domain to all the components in Log360, simply add the domain to any one of the components and it will be automatically added to all the other components. Also, if there is a change in the administrator credential used to configure a domain with a component, simply update the change in any one of the components and it will be synchronized across all the other components.

Integration Settings:

The different components of Log360 communicate with each other for various purposes like single sign-on, domain settings, and more. Any changes to the hostname and port number of a component must be reflected in the other components for smooth working of all the components. But with Log360, there is no need for you, the administrator, to manually make the changes in each of the components. Simply update these changes in the Log360 Integration settings page and the changes will be automatically synchronized across all the components.