High Availability

High availability refers to a system which aims to ensure an agreed level of operational performance for a higher than normal period. Log360 helps administrators maintain high availability for a server in case of failure of the primary server.

Log360 achieves this by employing a high availability architecture which designates a backup server to act as a shield to the primary server.


Before enabling this setting, ensure that the following conditions are satisfied.

  1. The TCP/IP connections from Log360 to the database is not blocked by the firewall in both primary and standby servers.

  2. The version of the Microsoft SQL server is higher than 2005.
  3. Both instances of the product:
  4. If your IP range is 172.21.9.x, then the primary server, standby server, and the virtual IP should also lie in the IP range 172.21.9.x.

High Availability can only be disabled from the standby server. Please shutdown the component in the primary server and start it from the standby server.


Follow the below steps to enable this setting.

Enter the appropriate values for the subsequent fields to enable this setting.

Note: Super administrators are users who have been provided with full control over the application.