Smart card Authentication

If you have a smart card authentication system enabled in your environment, you can configure Log360 to authenticate users through it, bypassing other first factor authentication methods.

This feature provides an additional authentication option for Log360 login by enabling the use of smart cards/ PKI/ certificates to grant access to the tool. Smart card authentication strengthens the security further because getting access to Log360 shall then require the user to possess the smart card and know the personal identification number (PIN) as well.

When a user attempts to access Log360's web-interface, they would be allowed to proceed further only after completing smart card authentication in the machine, i.e., by presenting the smart card and subsequently entering the PIN. Log360's web-interface supplements smart card technology with SSL communication. So, the user is prompted to specify the X.509 certificate for getting access.

Users can choose to provide the certificate from the smart card or the local certificate store, in which case Log360 performs the steps to authenticate the user with the certificate. The users can also choose to decline providing the certificate and the tool takes them to the usual login page for authentication.

Steps to configure smart card authentication settings:

After you have added a smartcard for authentication, you can perform any of the following functions:

Add a new smartcard

To add a new smartcard, follow the steps given below:

Edit a configured smartcard

To edit a configured smartcard, follow the steps given below:

Enable/Disable a smartcard

Delete a configured smartcard