Server Settings

Under server settings, you can configure the mail server for sending notifications, alerts, etc., from the product and proxy settings in case you are using a proxy server. The following settings can be found here:

Mail Settings

Configure Mail Server

Notification Settings

SMS Settings

You can configure Log360 to use your own GSM modem or your custom SMS gateway.

1. Configuring GSM Modem

 Steps involved in configuring the modem port & modem speed:

 Requirements for Establishing SMS Server Connection:

2. Configuring Custom SMS Provider

You can configure you own custom SMS gateway provided that the gateway is HTTP or SMTP based. Please follow the steps given below:

HTTP-based SMS provider:


SMTP-based SMS provider:

Note: If you don't configure the SMTP server settings, then the mail server configured under the Mail Settings tab will be used.

SMPP-based SMS provider:



Proxy Settings

Alternatively, you can also change the Proxy settings by following the steps listed below: