Many organizations are turning to user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and user behavior analytics (UBA) to help their SIEM technology detect attacks with more precision and a broader scope. UEBA and UBA can detect what a traditional SIEM can’t by looking for strange behavior from users, referred to as anomalies, that can indicate clear attacks

In this short e-book, learn how you can detect insider threats and attacks with 100 percent accuracy using traditional SIEM technologies as well as UEBA and UBA technologies and concepts.

You will learn about:

Detecting logon 

Utilizing and expanding SIEM technologies

Using UEBA and

Top ten tips to prevent insider 
threats and attacks

Authored by  Microsoft MVP Derek Melber, this  free 'For Dummies' e-book includes use cases, hot tips, and lists of best practices to simplify detecting insider threats and attacks.  

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