Over 280,000 organizations across 190 countries
trust ManageEngine to manage their IT.

Security and risk posture management
for AD and Microsoft SQL Server

  • Proactive security and compliance

    Strengthen your proactive security by identifying and mitigating risky behaviors and configurations in real time to prevent network intrusions and breaches. In addition to this, enhance AD security and meet compliance mandates.

  • Hardened AD security

    With Log360, obtain an actionable AD security score, categorized by risk levels, for targeted security improvements. Receive specific recommendations and use the prebuilt and customizable security best practices to address security loopholes and strengthen your AD security posture.

  • Enhanced Microsoft SQL Server risk posture management

    Keep your server security in check by verifying if your SQL servers meet the stringent security Benchmarks by CIS. You can also instantly determine the security risk levels of SQL servers for focused risk management. Gain insights into failed security checks and receive recommended steps to mitigate risks and enhance server security.

  • Customized risk rule configuration

    Customize preconfigured risk rules based on your organizational needs for precise security assessments. You can also configure email alerts to stay informed about your security status and any immediate actions needed.

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9 out of 10 Fortune 100 companies trust
ManageEngine to manage their IT.

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