Take this survey to help us understand the current state of SOCs.

1. What type of network does your enterprise have?

1.b Are you planning on moving to a hybrid environment or going fully cloud-based this year?

2.What type of SOC does your enterprise have?

3.How many employees are working in your SOC?

3.b Are all your SOC employees full-time?

4. Select the solution(s) you use in your SOC to mitigate, respond to, and preempt security attacks.

5.On average, how long does it take your SOC or security team to detect and respond to an incident?

6.On average, how long does it take to resolve an incident and bring your network back to its normal state?

7. Select the tasks you've automated in your environment.

8. Do the security solutions in your SOC communicate with other aspects of your IT such as ITOM and ITSM?

9.How would you prioritize the following activities? (Need to provide a slider that allows users to slide through 'High priority' 'Medium priority' and 'Low priority')

  • High Priority
  • Medium Priority
  • Low Priority

10. Are you planning on increasing your budget for IT security?

10.b. By what percentage are you planning on increasing your IT security budget?

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