Three reasons why you should audit your SQL and IIS servers

A security information and event management (SIEM) solution like
Log360 ensures you stay on top of important security events occurring
on your databases and web servers, so you can detect threats and meet
compliance regulations.

Easily audit your databases
and web servers
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Which events should you track?

For databases:

  • Database manipulation language (DML) queries.
  • Database definition language (DDL) queries.
  • Account activity such as role changes or account
    creation and deletion.
  • Server activity such as logons, startups,
    shutdowns, and more.

For web servers:

  • Status codes and errors.
  • Usage trends, including information on users, pages,
    and queries.
  • Malicious URL requests and file executions.
  • FTP server activity, including file uploads and


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