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Webinar series -Machine learning in SIEM

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Why you will love this webinar series

Data. Patterns. Algorithms. These three words may seem like answers to a cybersecurity crossword puzzle, but in IT, they're each essential components in solving cybersecurity threats. These three aspects help with detecting malicious activity quickly and stopping attacks before they get started.

Machine learning (ML) in cybersecurity is a fast-growing trend. It helps businesses analyze threats better and respond to security incidents and cyberattacks. It also helps automate repetitive security tasks, saving your IT security team's time.

Join us for this two-day webinar series where we dive deep into the world of machine learning and explore some real-life examples of mitigating cyberthreats like account compromise, insider threats, data breaches, and more. Learn how you can use this latest cybersecurity trend to strengthen your defenses.

What can you learn from this webinar series?

  • Part 1
    1. What is ML?
    2. The need for ML in today's era of cybersecurity
    3. How to solve tasks
  • Part 2
    1. Real-life examples of curbing cyberattacks using SIEM and ML
    2. What the future holds for ML in security information and event management (SIEM)

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