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10 PowerShell Tricks for Red Team's Reconnaissance

Jun 28 2PM AEST, 2PM GST
Jun 29 11AM EDT
Presented by Shehnaaz Product expert

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Why watch this webinar?

Why watch this webinar?

PowerShell is universal. Every user has access to it. This webinar will explore how easy it is to exploit a network using PowerShell.

Of course, running scripts and downloading payloads using PowerShell will raise alarms. How can that be detonated? Well, dedicated PowerShell scripts can disable defender and other layers of defenses, help harvest credentials, and gather all the information to take a network down.

Red teams should take advantage of these scripts before the attackers do.


  • Bypass Defender and anti-malware scan interface
  • Extract credentials from stored Wi-Fi passwords and other means
  • Override PowerShell execution policies and gather all information about a victim

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