Why attend this webinar?

Organizations must constantly innovate to serve their customers. Otherwise, there is a risk of decreased competitive advantage, revenue, and market share.

However, as organizations innovate and adopt new technologies, they also have to remain up-to-date with the parallel shift in cybersecurity trends. These trends will indicate the biggest threats organizations face, and the security trends that they should adopt to stay ahead of attackers.

Presented by

Ram Vaidyanathan

Product expert


In this complementary webinar, we will discuss seven cybersecurity trends every organization must watch for in 2023. This will enable you to create a roadmap for the implementation of the most effective defense strategies.

Ransom cloud attacks

Supply chain attacks

Adoption of Zero Trust network architecture by companies

IoT threats (especially IoMT threats)

Attacks against mobile devices

Attacks against operational technology

Adoption of security solutions with SOAR capabilities like automating detection and response